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The Spaniards spent 6,000 € on average in furnishing the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the largest investments families make throughout his life, after buying the home and car. In fact, the Spaniards spent 6,000 € on average in furnishing the kitchen whenmake a reform, accordinga study by the firm of furniture cocinaÈggo Kitchen House, referring the experience of the company’s flagship store CC La Gavia Madrid . This figure fits with € 7,500 amounting to total reform the annual report on the sector reforms and services for home Habitissimo website. This study places the kitchen at the second position after bathing as the main actions of reform at home.
Eggo also notes that customers before making the purchase decision, often visit mid 3.5 establishments and is very common that 80% have made online prior consultations.Eggo experience shows that it is usual that the customer visits the store three times. The process is adjusted to a first visit for the store and request an appointment. In the second, the kitchen is planned as directly with the client so that the result isresult of joint work and personal attention. After several days of reflection, when the purchase is confirmed, proceed to the taking of action by a professional team at home and the customer returns to the store with the exact data, close the order.
Although in Spain the reform of the kitchen runs every 14 years compared to the average of 12 in Central , the major international chains are positioning our country to boost this market. For the new consumer, price, though important, is not the main point of purchase. Also it assesses aspects such as service, quality, design, security or environmental protection. In terms of design, the white leads by far the preferences of buyers who opt for it or its derivatives by 80%. Preferred consumer for door fronts gain materials laminates, especially proposals laminate and melamines. However, the lacquers are rising positions (and exceeding 20% of the market). Regarding the counter, the most desired materials remain derivatives quartz, if well asking step new porcelains. In any case, pure, geometric, with contoured edges and lines without handles ranges are most appreciated.
SOURCE: Alimarket

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